Cremation Urn Catalog

Cremation Urn Catalog

With the growing number of families choosing cremation, manufacturers have responded by developing an extensive number of distinctive and beautiful new cremation urn offerings. Every year, more and more styles of cremation urns become available. At Funerals by T.S. Warden we have responded to this need by not only offering a variety of affordable cremation service packages, but also by expanding our collection of cremation urns in order to meet the unique needs of each family that we serve.

We provide a wide array these cremation urns in popular styles fabricated in wood, metal, copper, brass, and other new materials. For environmentally-conscious families, our collection of uniquely designed biodegradable, natural urns offer environmentally sustainable options for scattering, planting or water burials. Many of the urns in our collection offer the ability to personalize them in some way, whether through a photo or an engravable nameplate, allowing the addition of a special and personalized touch. Keepsake urns offer the ability to store a small portion of cremation ashes within a miniature urn, allowing for the sharing of ashes between family members, or inurnment while still having a keepsake for the home.

Each of the urns within our extensive collection have been hand-selected by our staff for their quality, beauty, and affordability. We take pride in knowing that every piece in our collection meets our high-standards. Just as each family is unique, each family’s needs are unique, and we pride ourselves on having a vast array of urns in a variety of styles and at a variety of price points.

We invite you to browse through our collection of cremation urns from the categories below. Should you see a piece that is of interest to you, or that you have any questions on, we invite you to contact us and a member of our professional and knowledgeable staff will be happy to assist you. At Funerals by T.S. Warden we are here for you 24/7 and invite you to contact us at any time.

Wooden Urn Catalog

Funerals by T. S. Warden offers a large selection of wooden cremation urns, suitable for any type of service arrangements. This collection of urns is made of solid wood, crafted with exceptional quality and beauty. Wooden cremation urns for ashes like these are the perfect fit for any home.

TS Warden offers a wide variety of styles ranging from memorial chests to picture urns. Many styles offer stock or custom engraving to represent your loved one. Our selection includes both solid cherry and solid oak hardwood. Both with a variety of finishes including the following: Oak, Cherry, Charcoal, Silver, High gloss, Oak Yorkshire, Rosewood Hall etc. Costs are often reflective of the design, workmanship and the rarity and quality of the wood used.
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Cloisonné Urns

Cloisonné is an ancient Chinese technique for decorating metalwork pieces, making for a beautiful memorial. This technique is known for its unique display of color and design, adding an exclusive touch to any home. Special paints and coatings are used to create endless options.

Each urn is crafted from the meticulous process of applying enamel of all colors to the surface of a copper or bronze object. Our collection of Cloisonné urns offer an exquisite keepsake at an additional cost, to keep your loved one close to both family and dear friends.   
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Metal Urns

Metal urns are designed to be among the sturdiest of all cremation urns. Metal urns are often traditionally designed and timelessly styled. A metal urn offers long-lasting strength and durability and can be expected to safeguard a loved one’s ashes for decades.
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Stone Urns

Stone urns are a beautiful piece of art that you can proudly display in your home while paying tribute to your loved one. We offer a wide selection of stone urns made from high quality materials. Whatever your tastes are, we are confident our selection of granite urns, marble urns, and cultured stone urns will meet both your needs and budget.

Each one of our stone urns is made from natural stones that are beautifully and artistically crafted. Marble and granite have long been used by artists and craftsmen to create beautiful pieces of art. Each piece of marble and granite has its own unique color and visual texture. This means the urn you select will truly be a one of a kind piece of art.

The urn you select will serve as both the final resting place for your loved one while paying tribute to them and representing the life they lived. A stone urn is made from natural stones meaning they are both unique and strong. Stone urns can also be engraved to turn the urn into a deeply personal tribute to your loved one. Our wide range of stone urns come in a variety of designs and styles meaning you can select one that fits with the design of your home that you can proudly display.
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Natural Urns

Natural urns are becoming increasingly popular as society is shifting towards a more environmentally friendly standard of living. Our collections allows for loved ones to continue

This unique selection ranges from biodegradable salt-based urns to those created from recycled materials. These natural urns are specially ideal for water or green burials, designed for returning your loved ones cremains back to the earth.  
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